Time flies isn’t it. It doesn’t wait at all and all you are left with is the memories which are more like a blur.

So when doing all sorts of things that I do, there are certain things which are really not important or I am tricked into it and waste a lot of time there. I do not consider today’s time being wasted off though. I really thought it was going to be an important match and made sure I didn’t miss it.

Anyways, I am reading a nice blog. Let me write a bit about it.

“One heuristic for distinguishing stuff that matters is to ask yourself whether you’ll care about it in the future. Fake stuff that matters usually has a sharp peak of seeming to matter. That’s how it tricks you. The area under the curve is small, but its shape jabs into your consciousness like a pin.”

Cultivate a habit of impatience about the things you most want to do. Don’t wait before climbing that mountain or writing that book or visiting your mother. You don’t need to be constantly reminding yourself why you shouldn’t wait. Just don’t wait.

So the question is what really matters to you? Volkan has been trying to get some answers from me which I have myself no idea of. But there are certain things I cannot settle for. Let me try listing few things today.

  1. No one is forcing a PhD on me. Volkan is not. His advice for me to delve into research is something I agree to from my inner self.

  2. I DONOT want to work on things that are shitty. This means I will never settle for mediocrity. That is something which is unacceptable. This message comes from my soul. This is how things have worked for me so far. I have always tried not to be against the flow of normal people but get away from the mediocrity.

  3. I know I cannot get into Google with the programming skills and experience I have. Google is not mediocre. But I can grow myself without even thinking about Google. Getting into Google may be is cool but remember, I am not cool atall. I am just that normal underdog who works hard and learn. I will keep myself to that.

  4. Remember, you want to build things from which others can take benefit. You can do that anywhere. Right now present in the lab, I can work on the research problems that comes and solve it (by building programs in Cpp or such.) THis is a great chance to learn.

  5. Stop…just Stop thinking about results. They don’t matter. Work is what that matters. Give your 100% on your HW’s, your test’s (btw I have not yet revised on what went wrong in the compiler paper!!) and the project and the research. What Volkan told is a great advice…say you are sitting for your study and you have 3 hours…make sure every second of that time counts and you work on the things with full concentration. Then you are free to take breaks and work accordingly but when you work… you work like a messenger to God. Don’t fake a bit there.

So now going into the general heuristics of things that we have, If I were to classify things from what matters and what not…The thing to test is asking the following question to yourself:

One heuristic for distinguishing stuff that matters is to ask yourself whether you’ll care about it in the future.

  1. I will love to see write the whole compiler code all by myself. That is one of the things for sure. I will love myself to do well in the Stergious midterm. I want to learn and see myself doing all those things.

  2. I will love to visit new places.

  3. A research paper maybe? I know that is not a very difficult thing. I have a strong will and I don’t give up. A research paper with my pure skills being utilized…yeah… that is a way to go.

  4. No need to follow the trend. Thinking about that… I would have never made to this place atall had I followed the trend.

  5. Keep talking to dadaji, mummy, papa, venky and kundan. Never ever leave them in distress. These are some of the people that really matters to me. Keep talking to Ravi. How can I ever forget him. He is great and I really respect him.

  6. Keep trying… keep learning… having faith in yourself at the time of distress and stop wasting time on over thinking. If I were to describe the best thing I did in UG… then it was that sudden determination to learn image processing by whatever it takes for me to understand it. THen switching to python that day and help pranjal. Going to the library and learning things all by yourself without even thinking where I will end up with those skills. Going to the CS professor…mailing him. Going to SCG that day and telling him that I am lost and don’t know how to go any further(I will right away thank him and CS professor for what they have done for me. I am glad to have them!). I created my own surrounding and kept following it without much hussle. I will keep on striding forward. The recent best thing I did was to stumble onto Volkan and I am here. The next best thing is to follow what Volkan says, give my 100% to research without overthinking about the jobs and internships. I see what Aman sees, and why others don’t understand about him. I see what Hardik sees and I completely agrees with him. We all have our sailboates. We all have our own directions. We will meet somedays…and we will get separated. This life is like a big ocean…no ends to it. Some good days and some bad days. Waves that can harm us will always be present. Some people follow others and think what they are doing is good since they are safe. No one knows what is right or wrong but since there are a bigger group of people doing the same thing … people get to think that , that might be the right way afterall. I prefer to sail alone, try to learn the trick of the traits by myself and it is not WRONG. Others may conceive that it is wrong but no it is not. There is no such thing. Cherish the important people that I have right now .

That’s all for today. First thing as I mentioned earlier, I will go and write a mail to Scg and CS prof. I must send them a thankyou note! :)

Bye Abhijeet. This journey is big. People will come and go. Keep enjoying all the moment that you get in between. At the end, you must say that I did nailed my life!