• Python Game using Q Learning and Tensorflow

    I am trying a very ambitious problem in one of my Robotics Course project. The aim is to land a UAV on a moving UGV using Reinforcement Learning. The idea behind the whole process was quite vague so I started using my course project as a way to familiarize myself with the ongoing RL research.

  • Finding the general orientation in textures and other repeated patterns

    In the previous 2 weeks or so, I was working on some aerial imagery of farms. One important aspect that stands out in these images are, when you view them from such great heights, they appears as big images with repeated miniscule patterns very similar to textures. In my research, we intended to find the orientation of textures generated this way. I tried digging up as much as I can in various forums for finding the texture orientations. While there are numerous research papers on generating a orientation map but sadly it is difficult to reproduce that in code.

  • Generating basic Panoramas using Homographies in OpenCV

    I got interested in Homography a few days back since it was needed for my research. So I though why not do a simple tutorial showing how to use OpenCV to generate a basic panorama.

  • Installing CUDA 7.5 with Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 14.04

    Hey Guys. I have spent days if not months installing CUDA 7.0 and CUDA 7.5 in Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 over different laptops(Dell and Asus). I finally got them working. While there are numerous tutorials present over the web, most are incomplete and error prone. The difficulty comes in installing the Nvidia drivers. If one does a mistake then the system crashes(since you need Nvidia drivers for Cuda only but not for graphics display. The default settings messes the OpenGL display drivers) and you need to do a fresh install (again there are many messy ways to escape without a fresh install but lets try to make it correct from the start anyways).

  • Writing a MakeFile

    Understanding the concept of Libraries is important if you have to deal with C or C++ code on a daily basis. For me, since these days I am working with OpenVX specification and taking the Operating Systems class, it has become an absolute necessity.

  • Getting started with OpenVX!

    I will try to get you set up with OpenVX sample implementation in your system. The following goes on for Ubuntu(14.04). (Though it should work for any unix based system.)

  • It's time to introspect!

    I have moved on from Wordpress to here as I found myself very cluttered in that place. Github appears more like a cozy and homely place to reside! :)