I understand the murky title I have put here. Always indulging deep into the conscience of the people around me, I stumbled across some questions. It's been ten days since I looked for an answer that validated them. I posed these questions in front of my friends, and the more often I did it, the greater the longing became to quell my thirst.

I am a guy known to be idiosyncratic for his profound knowledge of human aspirations. Such is the case that many people come over to me to discuss their important career decisions and they follow my say! While I enjoy this position a lot, there comes a responsibility that I have to deal over with. I myself am not a very successful guy, nor the most intelligent one and the reason they ask me for these favors are unbeknownst to me. But one thing that I get out of most of the interactions that I had with my friends has put me into a dilemma recently. That explains the title hopefully, as I am surging with thoughts to pen down the realization that I had today which I think tries to answer that question.

Now what the question is? It's not easy to put up that question as it will only apply to you If you had faced a similar situation. It's about what to choose from the many choices presented to you. All the time people have to choose one thing over the another, sometimes life decisions which can have a near-permanent impact. At these times one has to overcome the void which is created by the other option which we left out. Can this void replenish over time? is the question most sought after. While helping out others solving this question , I got struck with multitude of uncertainties from them. Better than calling uncertainties, the better word would be fear. The fear of failing. Without exception, I found huge traces of that fear lying beneath myself. To repudiate this fact and continue helping others overcoming this fear is equivalent to a crime. I stopped that day as I found myself unqualified, only to start again after overcoming this fear myself.

So the fear of failing it is! Do we really to get that fear away? Nope. For some this fear actually work wonders. When you fear something, you work to bypass it. You tend to remain safe and opt for a decision that won't give you hiccups in future. There is nothing wrong in this. Being safe is the simplest of all the tendencies that a person want. I am happy for these guys for their non-polemical ideals. For these people life will be great and they will have a fun life with their families. They may have to shun their passions but that's okay. I feel poignant for guys who are not okay with this, sadly which encompasses me. It's difficult for guys in this category to opt for the safe choice knowing that they may never be able to fill the void.

Then how to overcome this fear. In the first place, why you think that having a safe life won't enrich you. Putting it very simply, people in this category want to deliver in this world and they know it very well that in order to do anything at that scale needs hard work and dedication. Won't you enjoy dedicating yourself to something that you love! That's the point. They have the perfect idea that if they are allowed to work freely on their area of interest, nothing in this world can thwart the results.

To overcome this fear, we need to keep in track of people who are like minded! A conducive environment is what needed. Terrible people create terrible environment and we must never get them complicate our lives. Phew! I don't know from where the last few lines came!

I will write it more clearly in the next posts to come.