The time is coming near when I have to go for my 4pm class but I will always be thankful to you god for letting me sit here, in this university with good friends and family. I can never be as grateful to you as I am feeling right now, sitting in this Coffman Memorial Union. Thanks for giving me the courage to meet Volkan. Thanks for showing me the path when I had nothing. Thanks for making me understand who I am than rather run against whatever caught my eye. You are really an awesome abstract thing. I don’t know which way people worship you and which way you like the most but I know that you have helped me in some form or the another. I am a Hindu. I don’t know if how good I am a follower of it but what I have understood from all the time I have spent in this place is that you need to have firm belief in yourself. Have humility to accept your mistakes and help others whenever you get a chance to do so. I am grateful to each of my friends who think I am capable enough to motivate them out of their shackles.

The amount of human evolution that has taken place is humongous and there are still things in Nature that make our science guessing around. People try to go against Nature, some go with the flow. Some try to understand it. I will try to remain in the 3rd place as a person trying to uncover the truths. But I know the sheer amount of things that are taking place around me by the virtues of the nature can never be understood but maybe, knowing a bit more about something somewhere can help us to help fellow human beings. Sometimes I feel about what is happening around is just a phenomenon of the present which will become outdated in the next few moments. If there is anything that we should strive for, it should be to learn. And from the learning build something and see people use it. Then you would have contributed another small ladder to this great yet tiny human evolution.