For last 3 months,  me and my two other friends  worked hard for this event. We needed to provide our juniors a platform from where they can learn. The gluttony of the events held presently in Prastuti always made me sad. To get over all these things, we brought Perceptron.

Perceptron is a event based on Computer Vision. The aim of this event is to develop a Face detection framework from a scratch in matlab . We used the paper of Viola and Jones for reference. It took us 4  workshops to present the overview of the system to a audience who had no previous knowledge about machine learning or image processing!! Personally I think, we may went just too harsh on them. Nevertheless, there were 24 students who sticked till the final day of the event.


The whole procedure looked something like this:

  1. workshop 1 ( 4-Jan-2014 ):
    • Formation of Integral Images.
    • Introduction to convolution and Haar features.
    • Basic needs of a face detection framework as a whole.
  2. workshop 2 ( 17-Jan-2014 ):
    • What is machine learning?
    • Supervised vs Unsupervised learning
    • Classification vs Regression.
    • Introduction to Perceptron Learning algorithm.
    • Challenge 1  released.
  3. workshop 3 (15-Feb-2014 ):
    • Code PLA in Matlab step by step.
    • Disadvantages of PLA and its ineffectiveness against non-linear separable data.
    • Modifications in PLA to make it more flexible.
    • A revision of Face detection framework.
    • Challenge 2 released.
  4. workshop 4 (29-March-2014):

    • Framework revision.
    • Introduction to Adaboost.
    • Challenge 3 released
    • quizz

Stills from the workshops :)

Here me and my teammate showing how to calculate error in the adaboost algorithm used in Viola Jones framework.

Me and my team in action.