This week turned out to be pretty amazing! Had been working and enjoying a lot with my mentor. He is a super-cool guy. Hope to meet him one day!

So till now, I basically scratched the surface of few things like:

  • CMake
  • C++
  • Design Patterns.

I have written 3 broad terms (that shows my amateurishness though !!) here. I would love to write off a detailed post on Design Pattern in C++ in future.

From whatever I have learned about C++, It appears out to be more than a language itself. You will really feel this if you have gone through the book of "The C++ Programming Language" by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator itself. He cradles the language as a baby! and at times get emotional too. Moreover most people having expertise in C++ feel the same way.

This week gave me a chance to dig deep into Builder design pattern in C++. It had been a worthwhile experience to read more and more about C++. Sure!, It's a bit tough to implement all by myself!. So I searched for examples and tried dummy coding it as much as I could do. This approach has so-far worked nicely.

Apart from coding, I devote 30 min of peace time with me, my shoes and asphalt ( Running it is!). It's an awesome way to sweat out every bit of negativity. And yeah, spending some time with my neighbor (who is a GRE verbal teacher) to get my comprehension part strong!

So this is it! I will have few technical post following this.